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PHAROS EVENT: an international symposium rich in fruitful exchanges

Posté le 18 janvier 2019

The second edition of the PHAROS EVENT international symposium, coorganized by ALPHA-RLH and Aerospace Valley competitiveness clusters, took place from 5 to 7 December 2018 in Bordeaux.

This event brought together 120 people, with stakeholders in the photonics and microwave electronics technology sectors and key players in aeronautics and space industries.

The objective was to bring out new ideas and R&D projects, facilitate meetings and partnerships that will lead to breakthrough innovation in photonics and/or microwave electronics to meet the needs and major challenges of the aerospace market. The symposium also contributed to promote the advanced technologies sitting in Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, the ALPHA-RLH cluster and its ecosystem and members.

Through 34 presentations, research laboratories, universities, technology transfer centers and companies have proposed their innovations in the field. This symposium was closed with the ceremony for the best papers awards: Brynle Barrett, from iXBlue, received a prize for his contribution to inertial navigation using innovative accelerometers. Georg Boeck, from the University of Hamburg, was awarded for his scientific work on the high-efficiency GaN power amplifiers.


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