Photonics and Microwaves Competitiveness Cluster in Nouvelle-Aquitaine
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“The Growth Pathway” – Personalized support for company development

The ALPHA-RLH cluster has established a “growth pathway” in order to provide innovative member companies with all the necessary support mechanisms for their development, with the support of a regional and national experts network.

This personalized support is adapted to the needs of each company, and is based on:

  • analysis of the company’s situation and positioning in relation to the market (SWOT analysis, competition analysis)
  • drafting/improvement of the business plan (sales objectives)
  • identification of marketing channels
  • consideration, diagnosis, and consolidation of strategy
  • access to public subsidies (CIR, CII, etc.).

“The Business Meeting” - Organization of B2B meet-ups between clients and SMEs

To help start-ups and SMEs in developing their sales activity, the cluster facilitates the creation of links between its members, and especially between SMEs and large groups.

“Business Meetings” are held for this very reason. These events take the form of technological meetings to present participating customers, followed by B2B meetups and casual discussions arranged with members.

Easy access to technology transfer centers and platforms

To bring research centers and public laboratories together with companies, and facilitate the spread of new technologies in SMEs, ALPHA-RLH acts as an interface with technology transfer centers and platforms that are working to speed up the process of getting an innovation to market.

Members therefore have access to communities of engineers and researchers with a strong understanding of industry needs and how the market works.

For this, the cluster focuses on structuring partnerships developed with several organizations:

  • Technology transfer centers: ALPhANOV (optics and lasers) and CISTEME (microwaves/telecommunications), whose field of application correspond to various applied markets
  • The ALPhAmed platform, a tool for experimentation, specialized in the development of medical components and devices using photonic technologies, which could be used by the Health market
  • The POLINUM platform, which encompasses the value chain from document digitalization to provision and extraction of content, which may be used in the Communications–Security market.

The CISTEME (expert in telecommunications systems) and CTTC (specialized in ceramic technologies) transfer centers also provide significant assistance in promoting members’ innovative processes.