Photonics and Microwaves Competitiveness Cluster in Nouvelle-Aquitaine
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This Strategic Field of Activity aims to promote collaboration between decision makers in the aeronautics, space and defense industries and the photonics and microwaves communities in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. It includes PHAROS (Photonics, Microwaves, Aeronautics and Space), run jointly with the Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster.

There are many fields of interest:

- The factory of the future (laser procedures on aeronautics and space materials, robotics, vision, optical NDT, re-modeling and processing of materials for Nondestructive Testing, etc.)

- Embedded systems for navigation/communication (lasers, optic fiber, radio navigation, radiocommunications, etc.), embedded optronic systems (display, imaging, lighting, embedded LIDAR, etc.)

- Sensing people (Night vision, remote detection, Radar, etc.)

- Imaging and signal transmission for Space and Astronomy

- Architecture of smart networks

- Digital solutions, at the center of great innovations for military and space markets via collaborative virtual reality applications for designing new systems

- Cognitics, for integrating human factors in the design and ergonomics of cutting-edge equipment

- Cryptographic development for security in communication and transmission of confidential information

These technologies enable manufacturers to offer innovative industrial solutions to meet market needs.

Examples of applications

Member positioning

Component and process suppliers
Polyrise, Innoptics, ALPHANOV, CISTEME, Laser2000, IDIL, Laser Métrologie, Inoveos, Cementys, Serma Technologies, SEIV, Amcad, Airmems, Silltec, Onera, VLM Robotics,...
Thalès optronique, Photonis, Eolite Lasers, Amplitude Systèmes, CILAS, Onera, Quantel, Cementys, ERMA, Nethis, Aurea Technology, Alphanov, Imagine Optic, Teem Photonics, Scoptique, Pro-lite Technology...
Systems manufacturers
ISP System, Nexeya Systems, Thalès Communication, Cilas, Quantel, Muquans, FEDD, Laselec, ISP Aquitaine, Inovelec, Kuka, Thalès Alenia space, Euroflux,...
End users
Airbus Defence & Space, Herakles, Airbus Group, Thales Avionics, Safran Aircraft Engine, Eiffage Energie, Dassault Aviation, IXBlue, IMAO ...

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Marina PECH

Aeronautics, Space and Defense Project Manager



Du 19 juin 2023
au 25 juin 2023
Salon International de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace - Le Bourget
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