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Energy-Smart Buildings

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This Strategic Field of Activity covers the entire value chain in the sectors of:

- energy: R&D – Engineering – Installation – Energy production – Energy optimization – industrial services and solutions for renewable energy

- smart buildings: communicating or connected devices for buildings (sensors, equipment) – embedded systems

- solutions for smart storage and management (smart-grid) of energy in buildings and/or local territories identified in connection with the development of renewable energy

- digital and big data technologies offering graphic interfaces and data fusion tools for smart buildings and their sensor networks, predictive models for connected energy networks, communication protocols for systems interoperability, voice recognition and augmented reality tools for improving technologies for users. 

The cluster’s energy actors come together under the cluster-brand SYSOLIA (Industrial Solar Systems in Nouvelle-Aquitaine).

The subjects dealt with cover the aspects of development of:

- new PV solar solutions (Silicon and organic (OPV) photovoltaic modules), packaging, optical processing, laser manufacturing processes, etc.

- ultra-sensitive sensors for night imaging, hydrogen sensors, 2D metrology scanners, high-resolution coders, motion sensors, etc.

- self-consumption photovoltaic solar power - BIPV – thermodynamic solar power (Fresnel mirrors, trackers, etc.)

- smart lighting - LED and OLED

- home automation solutions

- devices for optimizing energy consumption: high-efficiency amplifiers, smart-grids, energy harvesting

These technologies enable manufacturers to offer innovative industrial solutions to meet market needs.

Examples of applications

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Component and process suppliers
Polyrise, SEIV, Epsilon-Farenheit, Chatenet SA, Actinova, ceradrop..
BASE, Amplitude Systèmes, Eolite Lasers, Enersafe, Ventec, Scoptique, Inovelec, Ecogelec...
Systems manufacturers
Legrand, Inelia, Exosun, Luxener, Sunna design, CNIM, Allsplann, BASE, Pearl, SPIE, ERMA, Nexeya Systems, Groupe Fauché, Ceritherm, Atys Concept, Other Vision Software, Europlasma, SolarWash, silis...
End users
EDF, Engie, Bouygues, CNIM, SPIE, Inelia, Sol Arcadia, TECSOL, Vitirover, Luxener, Sunna Design, IES Solar, Volcodis,…

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