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The ALPHA-RLH cluster provides expertise in Photonics-Microwaves to the four applied markets presented on this site. As an additional technological support, the cluster works with you in integrating digital tools into your innovations, whether it be by putting you in contact with the digital partner best suited to your project/consortium or with people skilled in Mathematics–Computers, represented by our members and/or our ecosystem.

More precisely, the digital subjects addressed by the cluster may concern the creation of digital interfaces specifically for your projects (software, applications associated with a connected object, data fusion), incorporation of augmented or virtual reality into your industrial projects, work towards physical and digital security of your embedded components, etc.

The cluster addresses the 7 main focal areas of the Factory of the Future:

- Digitalization, virtualization and the Internet of Things: the cluster’s expertise in the sectors of communications and security cover the entire chain involved in making an object communicate (involving electronic, photonic and digital elements – data collection, organization and real-time calculation, presentation interfaces, cryptology) or for using digital simulation software to reproduce phenomena and situations in realistic conditions, conducting tests without a physical prototype, and thus gaining in efficiency right from the design phase of products, equipment and components.

- The role of humans in factories, cobots, virtual reality: the cluster is present throughout the prototyping and industrialization chain for virtual and augmented reality solutions, incorporating human factors (cognitics) in their use and end purposes

- Additive manufacture (3D printing): the cluster offers support in the latest evolutions in laser sources, metrology procedures, post-processing operations, etc.

- Composites, new materials and assembly: ALPHA-RLH works with transfer centers and competitiveness clusters specialized in materials, and has expertise in installing new photonic and electronic sub-systems or components for the equipment used in manufacturing and characterizing these materials

- Monitoring and testing: the cluster works on real-time data transmission, with analysis, smart data processing, and presentation on tangible or virtual interfaces depending on the end use (predictive or corrective maintenance, actigraphy, alert feedback, etc.)

- Automation and robotics: the ALPHA-RLH cluster includes highly skilled people to introduce methods for smart manufacturing (robotic agile cells, HCI combined with a multi-sensor network for making real-time decisions, etc.)

- Energy efficiency: with support from its photonics and microwaves experts, ALPHA–RLH assists its 

members with the Internet of Things (IoT) for making networks smart, for better consumption at the right time and in the right place – augmented reality tools for training and maintenance – digital simulation for optimizing the manufacture of renewable energy equipment, etc.

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Component and process suppliers
Cryptography, chip cards, mathematics : XLIM, CATIE, INRIA, Chaire STAH (ENSC)
Applications, SDKs, web platforms, augmented reality, sensor networks, machine learning : Aquassay, Force A, Explosense, CODRA Ingénierie Informatique, Chronocam
Systems manufacturers
Software editors, design or manufacture of connected objects, robotics : ATYS CONCEPT, Other Vision Software, DigitAppGency, Inovelec, NEXEYA, VLM Robotics, Vitirover, IKALOGIC, OD&B, OneGateProject, FEDD, Cybedroïd, HYPVIEW
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