Photonics and Microwaves Competitiveness Cluster in Nouvelle-Aquitaine
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The Photonics-Lasers Strategic Field of Activity covers the value chain for new industrial processes using photonics and laser-based technologies:

- development of new laser sources, in particular short-pulse lasers, fiber lasers and agile lasers, innovative laser and light sources: solid-state lasers, fiber lasers, coherent addition of lasers, LED light sources, OLED matrices

- creation of techniques and systems for developing, transporting and deflecting laser beams, next-generation fiber optics: micro- and nanostructured fibers, composite fibers, new materials and new processes for creating fibers

- research and development into processes for testing and transforming materials using laser sources (additive manufacturing, laser polishing, on-line control, etc.)

- advanced photonic instrumentation: innovative photonic technologies such as new vision systems (imaging, high-speed/3D machine vision, etc.), detection/control devices (ultraviolet optical sensors, visible or infrared, spectrometers, laser machines, etc.) or metrology benches (ultra-stable lasers, microscopes, laser-cooled atom interferometers, granulometry, etc.)

- encoding, transmission and processing of very high-speed optical signals: algorithms and very high-speed transmission systems (> 100Gb/s), secured, local transmission systems (near-infrared and visible)

- digital modeling for new imaging techniques, characterization of living elements, new types of sensors

- innovative virtual reality concepts, smart sensors, signage systems (design of measurement and signage systems with testing of modeled phenomena)

These technologies enable manufacturers to offer innovative industrial solutions to meet market needs.

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Component and process suppliers
Polyrise, SEIV, Innoptics, ALPhANOV, GloPhotonics, Edmund Optics, Epsilon / Farenheit, GreenField Technologies, IDIL, Laser Métrologie, Laser 2000, Photonis, Kylia, Le Verre Fluore, Laser Métrologie,...
Amplitude Systèmes, Eolite Lasers, Azur Light Systems, Innoptics, Alphanov, CILAS, Quantel, Thalès Optronique, Coherent, Leukos, ALPhANOV, Novae, Femto Easy, Horus Laser, Codechamp, Teem Photonics, Scoptique, Neta, Keopsys, Thalès optronique, Photonis, Cerinnov, Aurea Technologies, Imagine Optic, Nethis, Muquans, Greenfield Technology, Prolite, Polyrise, Lytid...
Systems manufacturers
Lasea, Laser Machines, Aurea Technologies, SEIV, Kreon Technologies, i2S, Laselec, Laser 2000, ES Technology, Cordouan Technologies, ISP System, i2S, Nexeya Systems, CILAS, Cordouan Technologies, Edit, Proditec, Morialase, Muquans, Herakles, Explora Nova, Laselec, Luxener, Enersafe, Sunna Design, Allsplann, Nethis, Muquans, R&D Vision...
End users
A very broad range of application sectors: wine production, wood, environment, agri-food, chemistry, industry, energy, digital technologies, robotics, etc. Actors : Airbus Safran Launcher, SERMA Technologies, Dassault Aviation, Argolight, ERMA, Safran Aircraft Engine, La Rochelle Innovation, Thalès Avionics,…

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Emmanuel FRETEL

Photonics and Laser Project Manager



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Salon International de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace - Le Bourget
Du 27 juin 2023
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Laser World of Photonics - Munich
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