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Launching of a unique european training programme dedicated to photonics technologies

Posté le 04 octobre 2021

PhotonHub Europe project, whose ALPHA is one of the partners, just launched the European Photonics Academy, a unique training programme dedicated to photonics technologies.

Several technical centers among Europe offer a wide range of photonics training courses, adapted to newcomers as well as more skilled professionals. The objective is to support the companies in the adoption and development of innovative photonics-based solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges.

Three types of training courses are available: an online training, geared towards new entrants to the photonics sector providing a half-day introduction to photonics, one-day training courses on-site offered by demo centres with a focus on photonics technology applications, and three-day or five-day training courses offered by experience centres, in-depth with a strong focus on lab-based activities and hands-on working using state-of-the-art equipment and application demonstrator tools.

Launched last 24th February 2021, PhotonHub Europe gathers 54 partners from 15 European countries for a total budget of 19M€ for 4 years. The main objective is to support « first time users » and « early adopters » SMEs of photonics to innovate thanks to these technologies. The support will be focused on the following development stages: Prototyping TRL 3-4, Upscaling TRL 5-6, Manufacturing TRL 7-8.

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Learn more about the project:
Discover the project in video
Introduction to PhotonHub Europe training courses
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