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PIMAP+ mission to EMAF exhibition in Portugal

Posté le 21 décembre 2021

PIMAP+ partners had the opportunity to gather during a two-days event organised by Produtech cluster in the frame of EMAF Fair on 2nd and 3rd December 2021.

The first morning was dedicated to visit the exhibition of machines, equipment and services for the industry and meet with members of Produtech cluster. These exchanges allow the PIMAP+ partners to introduce their internationalisation activities to the companies and find some potential synergies among the ecosystems. The afternoon was then devoted to a joint visit research and innovation labs, Inegi and Inesctec, with industrial stakeholders from PIMAP+, Galactica and EIT Manufacturing projects. In the evening, a networking dinner gathered the two European projects PIMAP+ and Galactica.

During the second day, the partners attended a Forum Produtech – EIT Manufacturing – Produtech SIF. During this session, PIMAP+ project and roadmap was presented by Isabelle Tovena Pecault and Alithéa Lafaye from ALPHA-RLH. At the occasion, several companies of different European countries expressed their interests in participating in PIMAP+ international business missions planned in 2022. In the afternoon, PIMAP+ partners had a phygital meeting to organise the next activities and discuss potential impact of covid-19.

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