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SUMCASTEC, a major European project won by the University of Limoges

Posté le 18 avril 2017

The European project H2020 SUMCASTEC, coordinated by the University of Limoges, has been selected by the European Union as part of its "Future and Emerging Technologies" research support program.

SUMCASTEC, Semiconductor-based Ultrawideband Micromanipulation Of Cancer Stem Cells, led by the XLIM laboratory, aims to develop a novel micro-optofluidic lab-on-chip (LOC) platform in semi-conductor technology to neutralize cancer stem cells with electromagnetic waves.

The project kick-off meeting was held in Limoges in the XLIM Research Institute from 14 to 16 February 2017, welcoming main representatives of 6 European partners from Germany, Italy and United Kingdom, who will take part in this 4 million euros research program over the next 42 months.

SUMCASTEC was certified by the ALPHA-RLH competitiveness cluster.

Contact: Arnaud Pothier, project coordinator -


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