Photonics and Microwaves Competitiveness Cluster in Nouvelle-Aquitaine
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The project

PIMAP4Sustainability is a European project that aims to leverage photonics, advanced manufacturing and advanced materials technologies to boost the innovation potential of European SMEs and companies in three key European industrial sectors: aerospace, metallurgy and industrial production.

The objectives:

- to connect all key stakeholders along the photonics value chains, in order to strengthen the resilience of European SMEs and their industrial ecosystems, accelerating the adoption of new green and digital processes,
- to support training and reskilling of the workforce in critical innovative areas,
- to maximize international opportunities.

The partners

The project brings together 6 European clusters:

- ALPHA-RLH, a French competitiveness cluster specialized in photonics and microwave technologies
- Photonics Finland, a leading Finnish cluster in photonics technologies
- Propell, a Swedish innovation hub
- AFIL, an Italian cluster in advanced industry
- Produtech, a Portuguese cluster in advanced industry
- Czech Aero, a Czech cluster in aeronautics

The services

  •     Innovation support

PIMAP4Sustainability proposes a support program to finance innovative European collaborative projects between SMEs on three themes: photonics, advanced materials and advanced manufacturing, with applications in three key industrial sectors: aerospace, metallurgy and industrial production.

This funding will take the form of a grant of up to 60,000 euros for projects that bring together at least two European companies from two different EU member states, including at least one SME. These projects must improve the ecological sustainability of SMEs as well as their economic sustainability through the development of new products.

  •     Support for training

In order to support the training and requalification of the SME workforce, PIMAP4Sustainability is developing a program to enable them to train on two aspects:

- ecological transition via a training grant of up to 5,000 euros
- the internationalization of their activities via a grant of up to 10 000 euros

  •     International missions

PIMAP4Sustainabily will also support SMEs in their internationalization through the organization of international missions on target markets. A mission to Japan or Singapore should be organised in early 2024.

The calls for applications

Two calls for applications will be launched in 2023 in order to allow SMEs to benefit from the grants:

  •     Innovation projects

Opening date: March 1, 2023
Closing date: May 3, 2023

Eligibility requirements: 2 European companies (including at least one SME) from two different EU member states or associated to the COSME-SMP program.
Maximum budget per project: 60 000 euros

Documents to download to answer the call:
- Guidelines for applicants
- Annex 1 - Application form
- Annex 2, 3, 4 - Evaluation form, budget, activities
- Annex 5 - Declaration on honour

  •     Training

Opening date: May or June 2023
Closing date: when the whole dedicated budget (250 000 euros) will be distributed

Conditions of eligibility: to be a European SME from a member state of the European Union or associated to the COSME-SMP program.


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