Photonics and Microwaves Competitiveness Cluster in Nouvelle-Aquitaine
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ALPHA-RLH works with you throughout the innovation management process, and shares its network of experts to help see your innovative projects through.

Identification and emergence of innovative projects

Participation in expert meetings related to your technologies or applied markets

Cluster membership gives you the opportunity to become part of a community of expert actors in specialized fields, and to forge links for developing opportunities for business and innovation.

Innovation diagnosis

The ALPHA-RLH cluster offers you personalized assistance as your innovation projects mature. This service involves one of the clusters experts helping you over two 2-hour meetings.

Technical days and information sessions

Information sessions are organized on a regular basis by the cluster, they are based on a two-hour format, and cover specific or cross-disciplinary subjects of interest to the Strategic Fields of Interest. The technical days involve the participation of external guests, qualified in fields relating directly to the cluster's applied markets. Large groups come on a regular basis to present their R&D collaboration strategies.

Organization of laboratory tours

As an interface between the world of industry and that of research, the ALPHA-RLH cluster takes special care to create links between researchers and members.
For this reason, it regularly organizes tours, allowing laboratories and manufacturers to share information and discuss their needs. These collaborations can potentially help to provide members with technical equipment for testing their innovative solutions.

Assistance in creating collaborative projects

Assistance in project diagnosis

Thanks to its knowledge of applied markets, the ALPHA-RLH cluster is able to assist and advise its members throughout the various stages of creating an innovative project.
Members are assisted in defining their priorities and goals, their overall strategic ambition, and coherence with the cluster's positioning.

Support in establishing a consortium and finding funding

Members receive specific support in establishing a consortium, and recommendations on the public funding measures suited to their project.
The ALPHA-RLH cluster team works with companies throughout the process of setting up their projects (support in writing strategic and economic arguments, consortium approval, preparation for writing documents).

Contact with specialized consultancy firms

In certain fields where members require more specialized expertise than the cluster team is able to provide, ALPHA-RLH places you in contact with experts and consultancy firms specialized in setting up innovative collaborative projects, and in particular for:

  • Market reports (actors present, technologies they are positioned on)
  • Market surveys (identification of needs and high-growth segments)
  • Drafting a business plan (envisaging the project's potential, preparing to meet with financers)
  • Intellectual property study (anticipation of risks linked to intellectual property)
  • Writing assistance

Project approval and follow-up 

Approval of innovative projects

Approval of innovative projects by the ALPHA-RLH cluster recognizes the potential of these initiatives, and gives project developers easier access to regional, national and European funding.

Assistance in project progression and promoting innovation

Deposit a project