Photonics and Microwaves Competitiveness Cluster in Nouvelle-Aquitaine
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The project

Officially launched in November 2022, DIHNAMIC is the EDIH (European Digital and Innovation Hub) for New Aquitaine.

DIHNAMIC supports companies - mainly SMEs - in their numerical, digital and ecological transition in response to the needs of industry adaptation. Although focused on artificial intelligence, DIHNAMIC also uses a set of technologies that orbit around digital twins, IOT and robotics.

The partners

Supported by ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine, DIHNAMIC can also count on its regional partners, which are clusters (ALPHA-RLH, AEROSPACE VALLEY, EIT MANUFACTURING), technology transfer centres (CATIE, CEA TECH, CETIM, TECNALIA France), universities and training centres (BORDEAUX INP, ESTIA, CAPTRONIC) as well as research bodies (INRIA, ONERA).

The services

Thus, this consortium from the Neo-Aquitaine region offers more than twenty services which are oriented around four main areas:

- A diagnosis of the capacity of companies to integrate and innovate using Industry 4.0 technologies and project management proposals ;

- Exchanges and training with experts in the four DIHNAMIC themes, to identify innovation opportunities, qualify the relevance of certain technologies and carry out experiments quickly and at a lower cost ;

- Support and assistance in finding funding ;

- A connection with actors from Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France and Europe.

Contacts & Website

Visit the DIHNAMIC website

- Project coordination: Lucia Marta, ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine -
- Dissemination of services, networking and connection with the innovation ecosystem: Léa Lemarié, ALPHA-RLH -
- Access to funding: Julie Laï-Pei, ALPHA-RLH -