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The Health Strategic Field of Activity is an applied field of activity: it aims to meet needs in the biotechnology and biomedical fields, needs resulting from the growing healthcare demands of an ageing population and the overall improvement in quality of life. 

The ALPHA-RLH cluster works in close coordination with:

- doctors and biologists in the BIPSA network (Bio-imaging, Photonics and Health in Nouvelle-Aquitaine) jointly run by the BRAIN (biological imaging in neurosciences), TRAIL (medical imaging), and LAPHIA (photonics) LabExes.

- with actors in research and education, health, social and medical-social fields, in association with Autonom’lab to encourage and develop innovations that are useful to the health sector and the quality of life of the elderly.

This network proposes key development areas using photonics-lasers and microwaves that offer high added value for the biology, health and autonomy sectors such as:

- high-resolution and high added value optical biological imaging, advanced bio photonic instrumentation: for Imaging, Spectroscopy, Endoscopy and Biological Analysis, for therapeutic treatments (oncology, etc.)

- cellular and tissue analysis using optical and microwave methods (spectrometry, endoscopic imaging, etc.)

- in vitro and in vivo diagnosis using preclinical and clinical photonic sensors or imaging, by bio-electromagnetism and the use of integrated lab-on-a-chip techniques

- therapeutic treatments using better-targeted, more effective lasers, with a reduction in unwanted side effects

- less-invasive solutions to improve patient comfort, such as precision laser machining of biomaterials used in creating implants and prostheses

- regenerative medicine using laser tissue engineering

- integration of complex medical systems: performance, regulatory aspects, clinical validation

- technological solutions for prevention, maintaining autonomy and in-home support for people who have lost autonomy, and those around them (health professionals, aides, etc.), such as innovative (fall) sensors, supervision programs.

- augmented reality tools (superposition of a virtual image on a real image) and virtual reality tools (reproduction of reality in a virtual environment: computer, immersive headset, etc.) for medical training, virtual experimentation, remote surgery, digital simulation of new medical devices, or assistance in the day-to-day work of caregivers and support of people suffering from a loss of autonomy. They can also facilitate telemedicine or other new methods for diagnosing and treating certain pathologies and handicaps.

- IoT (the Internet of Things), used in connected objects and sensor networks for in-home support (day-to-day care, alert feedback, wellbeing), post-operative follow-up, and even preventative care for detecting pathologies linked to ageing, for example. By extension, robotics is also an option for remote surgery, improving human performance and the organization of emergency services, among others.

- cryptography and data security is designed to improve trust in the tools mentioned above, and to use current calculation methods to help medicine progress in the detection and treatment of certain pathologies, find new organizational methods (paperless procedures, data-sharing between patients and health professionals, remote collaboration, etc.).

These technologies enable manufacturers to offer innovative industrial solutions to meet market needs.

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Component and process suppliers
Amplitude Systèmes, Azur Light Systems, Aurea Technologies, Kamax, Glophotonics, Leukos, Horiba Jobin Yvon, Imagine Optic, Novae, ALPhANOV, Polyrise, Coherent, Laser 2000, Novae,...
Explora Nova, i2S, Horiba Jobin Yvon, Imagine Optic, Quantel, MedImaps, ISP Systems, ISP Aquitaine, Scoptique, Image Guided Therapy, Smartest Medical Devices, Atys Concept, LDS...
Systems manufacturers
Legrand, AGFA Healthcare, Poietis, I2S, Acteon-Satelec, Quantel, Explora Nova, ERMA, Irisiôme, Imagine Optic, L’Oréal, TCM, Cerig, Intellidom, Sanilea, Caza Confort Medical, Cyberdroid, Silis...
End users
CHU, INSERM, Institut Bergonié, Fluofarma, Autonom’Lab, Medical integrators, Laboratoires Pharma, Bordeaux Imaging Center,...

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